Rehoming An Animal

This is a massive commitment of both time and money and certainly should not be undertaken lightly. Our animals give us so much and we owe it to them to make sure we are in a position to be able to provide what they need for life.


Offering an animal a second chance is a very rewarding thing to do as animals are in our Shelter through no fault of their own, and they all deserve the a loving permanent home.

Before deciding to adopt you will need to be very honest with yourself about what time you can give to a new companion, and this will help you to establish what may be the right pet for you at this point in time. We often have people who would love a dog in their lives, but they realise that work and family life does not give them the time they will need. Many of these people decide to dog walk for us until the time is right for them to commit to owning a dog.

Owning a cat can be easier as they will often sleep all day whilst you are working and enjoy a play session and some cuddles on your return. Cats definitely have their own agenda and will have you trained in no time!

Rabbits and guinea pigs are a similar commitment, they need attention and handling but they may be easier to fit in around your lifestyle.

Are You Ready To Rehome An Animal?

Taking in a new pet can be extremely rewarding, but also very stressful as you build your relationship and get to know each other.

If there is a lot going on in your life, we would strongly recommend that you wait to re-home an animal until life is calmer and you have the time to focus on helping them settle.

Choosing An Animal That Is Right For You

By looking to adopt from the Brysons, we will be able to guide you and your family to a new companion that is most suitable for your lifestyle. This means that your new addition will be happy and content, and so will you! It can be very easy to let the look of an animal steal your heart, but there is so much more to re-homing than looks, so please don’t be upset if we tell you that an animal may not be right for you.