Our Horses & Donkeys

Our horses and donkeys are with us for a variety of reasons and in most cases, will remain with us for the rest of their days. They have a lovely carefree life with a dedicated team to look after their every need.

Our Herd

Horses were always a passion of Mr Bryson (our founder)and this is where the Shelter started, so we feel very strongly that this is something we need to continue.

It was Mr Brysons belief that having a donkey or mule would bring the Shelter good luck, so after the death of Jonty, our mule, we always said that we would actively look for a new good luck charm. We went a full year or more before we received a call from the British Horse Society asking if we could possibly help with 2 donkeys that were a serious welfare concern. We jumped at the chance of helping, but little did we realise what we were letting ourselves in for. We had been looking to take one donkey, but were very happy to take two, although we certainly never expected to end up with three!

Three donkeys in a field

Meet Our Herd

What It Takes To Care For Our Herd

A dedicated team to muck out stables, feed and care for them

Hard feed, hay and haylage

Straw and shavings for bedding

Regular worming

Hooves trimmed regularly by our farrier

Regular health checks by our vet

Medication for those with problems

Annual dental checks by an equine dentist