Welcome to Brysons Animal Shelter

We are a small animal Shelter dedicated to providing the best possible care to the animals who join us, and they do join us for a great variety of reasons. This can be illness, death of owner or just a change of circumstances, and we aim to be there for them when no-one else is able to help.

On arrival they receive a full health check and any veterinary attention required, before settling into our daily routine. This allows us to spend quality time with them and get to know them well, enabling us to find them the most suitable new home. Without spending time and getting to know our animals we could not find them the permanent, caring homes they require.

Black dog looking at a horse

Rehome An Animal

It is a massive commitment to re-home an animal and is certain not a decision to be made hastily. They are a huge commitment of your time and possibly your finances.

Re-homing a rescue animal can give them the chance of a happy future, but having found themselves in rescue once, they deserve the stability of a forever home. Think carefully about your situation and how life could possibly change and be sure that your new best friend can be part of this.

Upcoming Events

With the help of our fund-raising team we try to arrange or attend regular events to promote the Shelter. Keep checking to see what we are up to at the moment.

Book Sale



Brysons Animal Shelter, Galloping Green Road, Gateshead NE9 7XA

Come and grab a bargain and then relax with a cuppa and cake........what could be better! There will be lots of items on sale at bargain prices.

Dog Show 2024



Barley Mow Community Centre, Barley Mow, Birtley

Get this date in your diary. The Bryson's Dog Show is always a really positive day for both dogs and their owners. There will be several fun classes which are suitable for everyone. Don't miss out, join us and hopefully go home with lots of rosettes!

Help Us Care For Our Horses & Donkeys

Our horses and donkeys tend to be permanent residents once they have their hooves in our stables. To look after them in the manner they deserve costs a lot of money. During the winter months they graze out in the fields during the day and come into a freshly bedded stable in the evening. On a cold winters day it is heart-warming to see them cosy and relaxed as they tuck into their tea and hay.

Of course this does all cost money and their annual feed bill alone is £7000! This is before we start to consider farriers and vet fees, worming, replacing fencing (they are very good at demolishing fences), and maintenance and fertilising of the land.

How You Can Help

Together everyone can make a difference for us, whether great or small. Donations of money or goods are greatly appreciated, but also donations of your time. You may choose to help us with dog walking, playing with our cats or volunteering at an event. Please contact us to discuss how you could make that difference and become part of the Brysons Team.

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Brysons News

We never know what is going to happen on a daily basis, so please keep checking our website for the latest news. We will aim to keep you updated on what is happening in ‘Shelter World’.

Piebald draft-type horses grazing

November 24 2023


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