About Brysons Animal Shelter

We are a long established small independent charity with a knowledgeable team who will always try to match you with the most suitable companion for your situation.

Who Are We?

Brysons is Gateshead’s only animal Shelter re-homing cats, dogs and small animals. Our dedicated team of ten staff cater for our animals needs 24 hours per day and 365 days per year, thus ensuring they receive the best possible care in the time they are with us.

Our team are also here to offer a friendly and personal service, taking time to work with interested adopters to ensure our animals find their forever homes and adopters are correctly matched.

In an average year we can re-home over 150 dogs, over 200 cats and many small animals. All these animals will have been given the fresh start and loving home they so deserve, and as no-one ever knows what life may throw at them, our animals will always have a home with us if circumstances should change.

Our History

The Shelter was founded in 1947 by the late Bill and Marion Bryson to provide sanctuary and a home of rest to retired and ill-treated horses and ponies.

Over the years the Shelter expanded and Mr Bryson was able to purchase Barrington School (where the Shelter is now) and convert it to provide shelter for cats, dogs and smaller animals.

Black and white cat rolling over

How We Help The Animals

Vet Check All Animals

Provide Any Medical Attention Required

Neuter & Vaccinate

Worm & De-Flea


Provide Care & Love

Provide Shelter

Find Suitable Homes